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doors. I guarantee you'll not go hungry, cause at the end of the day, long as there's two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead.— The Sniper on his profession

The Sniper is a rugged and ready crack shot from the Australian Outback. Capable of putting down enemies instantly with his rifle's lethal headshot ability, he can also use his Submachine Gun or Kukri to deal with foes at a closer range. Taking to hiding in elevated or hard-to-see spots, the Sniper can pick off slower classes like the Heavy with ease. While the Sniper tends to isolate himself from the frontlines, the Huntsman allows him to move up the field, launching powerful arrows while his ancient and mysterious Jarate powers can increase damage dealt against his foes by himself and teammates alike. Despite his specialty being instantaneous kills with headshots the Sniper is also able to equip the Sydney Sleeper and provide valuable mini-crits to the rest of his team at a distance.

The Sniper is an excellent class for supporting the rest of the team as he is able to help pin the enemy at choke points from a long range, allowing him to avoid danger. The Sniper has a long-running feud with the Spy, who targets him because he is often too focused on the battlefield in front to identify threats from behind.

The Sniper is voiced by John Patrick Lowrie.


[[[]]hide]*1 Bio


Name: Mr. Mundy
Location of Origin: Australia
Job: Precision Elimination[1]
Motto: "Pink Cloud of Death"[1]
Badges: [1] [2]
Description: In his former life as a tracker of dangerous game in the unforgiving Australian outback, the Sniper would spend months by himself. Prolonged isolation taught him a valuable lesson: You don't have to rely on other people if you never miss.

Basic strategyEdit

Main articles: Sniper tips, Sniper strategy*The longer you spend zoomed in using the scope, the more damage the shot will inflict.

  • Aim for the head to inflict critical damage.
  • Zoom in with the Sniper Rifle by hitting MOUSE2.
  • Use your secondary slot Submachine Gun to deal with nearby enemies.
  • When you use a jarate on a enemy, it will make every shot you hit a mini crit, so try not to waste them.

Main article: WeaponsNote: Weapon damage is approximate and listed at base value. See individual weapon pages for additional figures.


Weapon Kill Icon Ammo




Damage Range Notes/Special Abilities

Stock Sniper Rifle

[4] 25

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